Solanum guamense

Family: Solanaceae

Chamorro Name: Berenghenas hålom tåno'

Form: Erect branching stellate-tomentose shrub

Stem:  3-4 mm thick, tomentose, and prickly

eaves: Thing, stiff, ovate to elliptic-oblong, containing dense hairs on top and bottom, apex acute or obtuse, base rounded to obtuse, typically slightly asymmetric, margins entire or obscurely repand. thorns on underside of leaves along midrib.

Flower: Inflorescence +/- supra-axillary, hairy, forking; 5-merous; calyx 2.5 mm long; corolla 12mm broad, white with boat lobes; yellow blunt anthers.

Fruit: Red, globose, 5-7 mm wide, glabrous and fleshy. Resembles tiny tomatoes.

Seed: Flat subreniform to elliptic and 2mm long

Propagation: Seeds or stems cuttings

Habitat: Limestone cliffs, terraces near the sea, and edge plants along roads