Cycas micronesica

Cycas micronesica

Family: Cycadaceae

Common name: Cycad

Chamorro name: Fadang

Form: stout palm-like tree; branching rare

Trunk: 6m or taller

Leaves: leaves pinnate, leaflets with a midrib but no literal veins, not sharped tipped

Flower: male: pollen cone called a strobilus, female: leaf-life structures called megasporophylls

Fruit: large almost golf ball size (megasporophylls)

Uses: food

Propagation: seed; unorthodox seed. cannot be stored; After ripening required

Habitat: undisturbed limestone forest, especially near the sea; summits of the southern hills

Problems/pests: cycad scale (Aulacaspis yasumatsui), cycad leaf miner (Erecthias sp.), Borer (dihammus marianarum)