Hedyotis megalantha

Family: Rubiaceae

Form: Short erect perennial herb

Stem: Branched, glabrous, 4-angled, can reach up to a meter

Leaves: Glossy, oblong-elliptic or ovate elliptic, chartaceous, 9-11cm long and 3-5 cm wide, shortly accuminate, acute to obtuse or rounded at base, moderately glossy; 1 cm long petioles; short and broad stipules

Flower: On branched panicle, white with purplish anthers, 4-merous, cymosely arranged; calyx obconic, nearly glabrous, 2mm long, 4 lobes each

Seeds: Black, sharply 3-angled, about 1 mm long

Propagation: Seeds

Habitat:  Open savanna and on slope thickets