Zehneria guamensis

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Common Name: Zehneria

Chamorro Name: Ahgaga

Form: A slender glabrous climber of creeper, monoecious. 

Stem: Slender, elongate, slucate-angular, and glabrous. Tendrils are threadlike and simple up to 15 cm.

Leaves: Slender petiole, broadly ovate, 4-8cm x 4-8cm, membranous, scabrous, basal sinus semicircular, rarely hastate, somewhat 3-5 lobed, margin irreguarly denticulate, acute apex, and tip shortly acuminate. Darker green on top side and lighter green bottom side

Flower: Male flowers in racemes, corolla white to pale yellow 5 mm long; female flowers solitary 

Fruit: Freshy, globose, purplish-black when ripe, ovate-oblong, 1-3 cm x 7-10 mm    

Seed: Numerous, flat, grey-white, ovate-oblong, very tiny 4 x 2 mm and 0.5 mm thick

Propagation: Seed or stem cutting

Habitat: Near coasts on limestone, in partial shade, creeping or climbing