Bench containing Intsia bijuga, Elaeocarpus joga, Cerbera dilatata, and Neisosperma oppositifolia

The rare plant nursery facilitates the growth of seeds and vegetative propagules that are to be introduced into the forests of Guam. Seedlings and saplings are cared for until they are ready to be out-planted. The GPEPP team monitors out plantings to improve conservation efforts and increase their survival ratings. Not only does the nursery propagate native "rare" species but other native species as well, for the sake of being companion plants when endangered species are out-planted. Phytosanitation standards are used to prevent rust and disease infestation in the nursery and in the wild when the plants are out-planted.

Bulbophyllum guamense along with its seed pod being carefully monitored in the nursery

Variety of native species in the foreground and Serianthes nelsonii immature plants in the background