Nervilia jacksoniae

Family: Orchidaceae

Form: terrestrial orchid with fleshy globose tuber. Flowers appear first and are followed by the formation of leaves. it is possible to find a flower or pod with no leaves formed yet.

Leaves: kidney-shaped; 2 cm petiole; 5 x 3 cm in size. Surface covered with small hairs. there are seven main veins and margins angled between the veins.

Flower: single; 4-7 cm tall. <1 cm across. tepals are green; fringed lip (while) with green hairs on the mid-lobe.

Habitat: occurrence during the rainy season and begin to wither away as the dry season progresses. Ylig valley; Sigua valley; Mt. Santa Rosa is where Gaudichaud found the other species, Nervilia aragoana. Typically shady places in rocky areas with leaf litter. 

Opened fruit

Leaf with tuber

Leaves showing scale