Serianthes nelsonii

Serianthes nelsonii

Family: Fabaceae

Form: Large tree

Common Name: Serianthes, Fire tree

Chamorro Name: Håyun lågu (northern tree or foreign tree) on Guam, Trongkon guåfi (fire tree) or Trongkon fi’a on Rota.

Form: Large tree

Stem: Trunk up to 2 m in diameter (historical record in Rota)

Leaves: Twice pinnate compound leaves, with 10 - 20 pairs of pinnae, each of which has 22 - 30 pairs of leaflets; Midribs have rusty-colored hairs

Flower: Brush-like flower with long pinkish filaments

Fruit: 7 - 12 cm long and 2 to 2.5 cm wide pods with a brownish hairy surface and slight constriction between seeds

Seed: 1 - 7 smooth brown seeds in a seedpod

Propagation: Seeds or cuttings

Habitat: Limestone forests