Drypetes dolichocarpa

Drypetes dolichocarpa

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Form: Small-medium size tree

Stem: Warty, whitish-bray with very distinguished lenticels

Leaves: Shallowly toothed margins, are alternate and broadly lance-shaped; 2.5-5 cm wide x 6.5-12 cm long; yellowish mid vein; 4-5 pairs of sub-opposite major veins.

Flower: Separate sex flowers. Both in form of clusters of 10-12 flowers on small axillary branchlets; no petals

Fruit: Soft, fuzzy-skinned drupes, tan green, oblong, 2 cm x 1cm, and encloses 1 seed

Propagation: Seed

Habitat: Limestone forests